Art Blog 01 – The Stinger

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Many of my design projects are inspired from artwork I have previously created in my own time, and I wanted to share with you the ideas that flow through me, some are good some maybe not so. But its a constant fascination and exploration into symbology, pattern, metaphor and reflection that inspires my work. I hope you enjoy, please leave your comments I love to here what people think.

The Stinger was created in roughly 48hrs of almost frenzied work with guidance from my friend Delphine Noiztoy an incredible tattooist based in London. Delphine wanted a highly intricate design for a client and helped stear the design to work as a sleeve tattoo, as someone with no tattoos this I had no idea about!

Although the finished drawing happened relatively quickly, the pattern development happened many months before during a trip to India (which I will cover in another blog post soon) It was in India that I created the tessellations featured in the work by hand with isometric paper, but for now the finished Stinger which name derives from both the resemblance of a Jellyfish and the fact it was designed as a tattoo is one of my favourite and most detailed works to date.


The beginnings of the tattoo by Delphine Noizytoy, 48 hours after we started. She took my design and added her own style with the dot work, which I love. As of now the tattoo isn’t finished but I will update the post when I get a completed photo.


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